Our entrepreneurship vision is simple...

...10X the number of Inc 5000 companies in the next 10 years.

Upcoming webinar on July 28th @ 5:30PM EST

Grow Camp Interview with David Beitz, Co-Founder and Partner of Planned Grocery

About GrowCo's Entrepreneurship Mission:

Of, by, and for founders -- GrowCo is a collaborative partnership focused on sparking an explosion of entrepreneurship activity in Columbia, SC. GrowCo provides the community, mentorship programs, visibility, access to talent, and access to venture capital that high-impact, high-growth companies need to thrive and change the world.

What makes us unique?

One of our most unique elements is that our mentorship programs are run by and for growth-stage founders. Our founders have built successful companies, founded and led the region’s most successful entrepreneurship programs like 1 Million Cups Columbia, secured more than $5 million in public and private capital for tech-based economic development, and have the depth of knowledge of experience to launch, execute and sustain economic development projects. Read more about our vision & check one of our member’s successes

Are you bound for greatness?

Yeah - we think you are too. If you're ready to join a crowd of founders, mentors, and talent on a mission to make Columbia a better place to start and grow a business, apply now to find a cofounder or venture financing.

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Current Entrepreneurship Offerings

Founder's Circle

We are a peer group of brilliant founders helping each other make a difference in the development of the fastest growing companies in South Carolina. The Founder’s Circle works together to help companies secure the venture capital financing needed to become highly successful entrepreneurs.

Event Access

We offer member-exclusive educational and business networking events in order to aid companies in finding a cofounder. Growco’s event access level of services will assist in creating the best relationships in order to increase entrepreneurship and secure business mentorship.

Concierge Services

Need a ____ who can ____ ? Our network of successful entrepreneurs can hook you up. Our concierge services put you in touch with successful entrepreneurs who can direct you to the best business networking events, venture financing, and entrepreneurship programs to grow your business.

Core Values

Think Big

Never Stop Learning

Rally Together

Own the Future

Pay it Forward

Never Give Up

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