Membership Application

Thank you for taking the time to apply to GrowCo! Your application will be reviewed by our Membership Committee and we will update you on your application status within 5 business days.

Our Membership Committee reviews each application holistically – there are no right or wrong answers. If membership in GrowCo is not a good fit for you at this time, we will provide feedback to move you in the right direction: we are here to help founders succeed.

Any information you provide will be treated with the highest level of confidentiality and will not be released to any individual outside of our Membership Committee. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at

  • Demographic Questions

    We use these questions to get a better general understanding of your business.
  • What is your average annual growth rate over the past three years?
  • Business Questions

    Your answers in this section help us learn more about the business, and where it is going. Please be concise and limit your answers to three to five points.
  • What issues does your business need to address internally?
  • How can your business take advantage of external opportunities?
  • What concerns do you have external to your business?
  • The Founder and GrowCo Questions

    This section helps us learn more about you as the applicant, and what you see as your needs.